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In the turbulent world of SEO, there is one thing search engines never stopped caring about –?quality content. Despite all the algorithm changes and different methodologies Google has been applying to derive meaning from web pages, the imperative of having quality content remained the most important rule in the field. This, of course, is a broad notion that can hardly be defined, but that essentially refers to producing types of texts that users find informative and relevant for their search intentions.


Quality content, above all, is fresh, searchable and innovative.
The right approach


A careless approach to content research and content marketing strategy is only able to produce a bland website with placeholder content which will fail to make anyone interested in staying on the site or recommending it to anyone.

However, a well devised content strategy will not only bring you more visitors, but also speak volumes about your professionalism and about what you are able to offer. Some of the critical factors here are:

  • Ability to create multiple content forms (blog posts, press
    releases, white papers)
  • Creating pieces that are engaging and optimized for search
  • Identifying content placement channels
  • Outreach and communication with target content distributors
the effects


The possible reach of the content you create extends beyond social media shares and mentions. By offering fresh industry insights you increase the possibility to be mentioned on specific sites or by industry influencers, which does not only generate high-quality traffic for your site, but also establishes you as an authority in your niche. Therefore, a strategic approach to content marketing can generate several things that will benefit your brand: high-quality backlinks, traffic increase, and stronger brand reputation. Obviously, this can give you an important advantage over the competitors and turn your visitors into loyal readers.




Contrary to what our name suggests, our company hires quite a large team of experienced content specialists, writers and search experts, who all combine their knowledge of the field to come up with engaging and interesting pieces of content on industry-specific topics. When it comes to content marketing, we understand that this requires research and creativity, which we certainly don’t lack. We can provide you with pieces of content necessary for your online recognition by doing an in-depth research and applying our knowledge on what your target audience wants.

Contact Four Dots For Guidance In The Process

Forget about outdated placeholder-like texts.


Four Dots Testimonials
  • I am very pleased with the campaign that Four Dots formulated for us. Apart from a significant increase in rankings and traffic, it was their level of involvement and versatility that really made an impression.

    Vladan Dobrenov, Founder

  • When we are talking about top tier SEO services, Four Dots is definitely taking the top spot. Fantastic team, great organisation and shiny results. We are always happy when we get a monthly report – simply astonishing.

    Nemanja Veselinovic, Founder

  • Four Dots has delivered outstanding results month on month, without the work that Four Dots provides we would not be in business. Radomir and the team are always there to help, and provide prompt responses. Would recommend them!

    Aaron Weller, Owner

  • Onsite modifications alone would make hiring Four Dots a worthwhile investment, but I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of our cooperation, from reporting to the direction in which they took our brand.

    Goran Radovanovic, Project manager Mobile Shop

  • With Four Dots, we rapidly obtained tangible results (Google first page) and we are very happy of their level of involvement in the project. Four Dots is the professional SEO Company we were looking for.

    Marko Sekulovic, Manager

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Radomir and his team for the past 12 months. From content curation to strategy, Four Dots’ expertise have shone through in all aspects of their work. With Crucial on the way up, it’s safe to say we’re very happy with the results.

    Hendrik Kruizinga, Customer Experience Team Leader


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