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Technical SEO Specialist

Due to the increased influx of new projects, we are looking for a new member of our team in Novi Sad or Belgrade, for the position of Technical SEO specialist.

Candidates should be well-versed in technical SEO reporting, familiar with digital marketing industry in general and should have several years of experience in the field. Needless to say, desire for continuous education and staying current with this fast-changing industry is a must.

The primary role of this position is a technical analysis of clients’ websites and occasionally implementation of given recommendations, all based on the defined deadlines.

Candidate should have a strong understanding of what each of the issues and recommendations sent to the client means and should be able to answer potential questions regarding proposed changes.
More details on our Technical SEO page.

The scope of work covers:

  • Technical SEO audits of both foreign and local clients projects
  • Keyword research for organic search campaigns
  • Client competitor analysis
  • Backlink portfolio audits


  • Strong knowledge of on-page SEO
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of advanced on-page topics (canonicalization, hreflangs, Schema)
  • Strong knowledge of popular SEO tools (Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Google SearchConsole / Analytics / Tag Manager)
  • Understanding of web performance tools and best practices (PageSpeed, Lighthouse)
  • Background in web design/development (or active usage of HTML/CSS)
  • Operating knowledge of WordPress (publishing, management, editing, plugins)
  • Working knowledge of Google Docs / Sheets
  • Strong knowledge of English language (vast majority of clients are foreign)

Considered a gravy:

  • Experience or working knowledge of PPC (search, social)
  • Sense for UI/UX improvement
  • Involvement in content production
  • Being comfortable with CLI tools and SSH
  • Familiarity with web hosting industry and terminology
  • Familiarity with Nginx and Apache configuration
  • Sense of aesthetics
  • Client empathy
  • Agency experience


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