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AdWords campaigns are well-known for their ability to increase targeted traffic in a short period, which is why they are widely used in businesses of all sizes. In fact, an AdWords campaign may be one of the most efficient ways to start expanding your search presence, simply because of the instant results it brings. However, not everything is that simple about running an AdWords campaign and excellent results may be seen only if enough time, expertise and creativity is invested in planning it.

What does AdWords
management mean


AdWords management includes a set of different activities related to maintaining your Google AdWords account in order to plan, create and monitor search campaigns. Depending on the competition and the budget, AdWords campaign management is a process that includes:

  • Keyword research and organization
  • Campaign planning and identifying effective ad groups
  • Budget planning and distribution through AdWords bidding
  • Text ad creation and optimization
  • ?Campaign monitoring and analysis


This list may remind you of a step-by-step scheme that only needs to follow established guidelines in order to bring results. However, the process of creating efficient AdWords campaigns is much more complex and requires both creativity and strategic planning. Only a combination of the two can deliver results that may make your product or service stand out in search, regardless of how tight the competition is.


How to get started


As noted, AdWords management involves different activities, most of which rely on identifying and planning efficient keywords and keyword groups. Keyword research, therefore, is a critical activity that helps you identify key opportunities for your business and plan an efficient campaign. Of course, this doesn’t mean just choosing a random set of keywords you like most, but finding ones that are most likely to attract the exact target audience with minimum budget. Without a plan, no results could ever be achieved and this is why you need a team of professionals to help you find the opportunities and use them to your advantage.




If you’re unsure how to get started with Google AdWords, you should consult our New York PPC team of people with years of experience and thousands of successfully delivered search campaigns. Professional consulting helps you plan your budget carefully and avoid wasting time and money on keyword opportunities that simply don’t work.



Four Dots Testimonials
  • I am very pleased with the campaign that Four Dots formulated for us. Apart from a significant increase in rankings and traffic, it was their level of involvement and versatility that really made an impression.

    Vladan Dobrenov, Founder

  • When we are talking about top tier SEO services, Four Dots is definitely taking the top spot. Fantastic team, great organisation and shiny results. We are always happy when we get a monthly report – simply astonishing.

    Nemanja Veselinovic, Founder

  • Four Dots has delivered outstanding results month on month, without the work that Four Dots provides we would not be in business. Radomir and the team are always there to help, and provide prompt responses. Would recommend them!

    Aaron Weller, Owner

  • Onsite modifications alone would make hiring Four Dots a worthwhile investment, but I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of our cooperation, from reporting to the direction in which they took our brand.

    Goran Radovanovic, Project manager Mobile Shop

  • With Four Dots, we rapidly obtained tangible results (Google first page) and we are very happy of their level of involvement in the project. Four Dots is the professional SEO Company we were looking for.

    Marko Sekulovic, Manager

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Radomir and his team for the past 12 months. From content curation to strategy, Four Dots’ expertise have shone through in all aspects of their work. With Crucial on the way up, it’s safe to say we’re very happy with the results.

    Hendrik Kruizinga, Customer Experience Team Leader


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